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Katrina Gay

Author | Chef | Vegan

Get ready to savor the taste of soulful vegan cooking with "Soulful and Vegan"!

Soul and Vegan Book Cover.jpg

In "Soulful and Vegan: The Ultimate Guide to Southern Plant-Based Cooking," author Katrina Gay invites you on a culinary journey that will redefine your perception of vegan cuisine. With an abundance of mouthwatering recipes, this book serves as a gateway to a world of delectable flavors, where Southern comfort food meets the nourishing power of plant-based ingredients.

Janet Butler

Author & Poet

Making the cover of the top 12 Trailblazers in I Ascend 2022 June's magazine edition!

- Open your mind to the poetic muse of Memoirs of the Heart, Mind, Soul as Author Jannet Butler pulls at your heartstrings, have you smiling like a mischievous kid, while feeding your soul treasures that wealth can’t measure.

- Jannet’s latest poetic muse pushes the reader deeper into her poems, pulling them out as they realize ‘Shhhh! Don’t Tell It All… Just Some Of It’ is a perfect play on words that teases and they can’t get enough of it!

- Jannet Butler's Confessions From The Heart is thought provoking poetry that will have you deep in your feelings with tears washing down your face, past a wide smile of Joy.

- They say that words are powerful, but when used just right, a little magic happens too. ‘Quote Me, from my Heart and Mind!’ has a bit of magic of its’ own. Don’t believe me? Then go ahead and begin reading…

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